Think Your Verbal Communication Skills Don't Matter - Think Again!

Author avatarDarrell Littleberry ยทMay 23, 2023

I hear it all the time.  I know what I'm trying to say, but people keep taking it the wrong way.  Then I respond that you must own your communication and its impact on others. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, inartful expression can doom your career prospects, team involvement, and relationships.  Words matter I dare say and many other elements of the communication process.  

Often times it's just a matter of word choice,  audience consideration, and a few other skills that hold us back from the career benefits of being a great communicator.

Today to have influence, you must have rock-solid verbal communication skills to effectively provide valuable input, propose new ideas, recommend needed solutions, and more. Without them, ineffective communication skills can further lead to costly loss of time, operational errors, and even slights to your reputation. 

I'm a self-professed verbal communication nerd who has honed over 25 years of practice into what my counterparts say is a gift.  I say it's a learned skill set that unlocks personal and professional growth with immeasurable benefits.  

After seeing so many friends, family, and colleagues struggle with verbal communication and seeking my help, I created a course called How to be an Effective Verbal Communicator available on  In the course, I teach practical knowledge to improve and fortify your ability to speak with clarity, confidence, and consideration for others. In simple terms, I explain the communication process, share proven skills for effective verbal communication, and provide invaluable insight to take your abilities further.

Ensure your verbal communication is not missing the mark and holding you back.  I invite you to preview the course and enroll today!

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