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This course aims to raise awareness of microaggressions in the accounting profession and the impact that they can have on individuals and ethical behavior. Microaggressions are everyday, subtle, interactions or behaviors that communicate some sort of bias against historically marginalized groups and even anyone from any background. The difference between microaggressions and overt discrimination or macroaggressions is that people who commit microaggressions might not even be aware of them. These actions may not necessarily have harmful intent, but they can be interpreted as slights, indignities, put-downs, and insults. Participants will learn about the forms that microaggressions can take, and strategies for creating a more inclusive and supportive work environment. Topics Covered: Definition and examples of microaggressions The impact of microaggressions on individuals and ethical behavior The experiences of Black professionals in the accounting field Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the workplace Implicit bias and social categorization Strategies for addressing microaggressions in the workplace Personal responsibility and accountability for creating a more inclusive environment
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