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In today's world, companies that commit bad ethical judgments can face swift social media and shareholder backlash. Being ethically compliant requires business leaders to set the tone by upholding company rules and making good moral decisions. Businesses are increasingly under the ethical limelight and there is a growing need for industries to balance cost-risk strategies while following ethical norms. Chris Mines is joined by Marc Tassé, CPA, CA (Canada), FCPA (USA), CICA (USA), CFF (USA). They highlight how ethical leaders can set the moral tone, why businesses need to be transparent about misconduct, and how stakeholders can shape short and long-term outlooks. Some of the topics covered in this course include: Evaluating how companies can collaborate for better decision-making Assessing McDonald’s ethics and transparency failure How companies can move forward after scandals The ethical effects for businesses amid Russia’s war with Ukraine ChatGPT’s ethical impact and more! Field of Study: Behavioral Ethics
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